About me

Hi sewing lovers,

My name is Cécile, I am a French 24-years old girl who fell in love with sewing (overall lingerie!!) and digital 5 years ago. 

Most of the time, I have thousands of new ideas that come to my mind and I love that! So welcome to my Cecile DIY galaxy. 🙂

Cécile DIY is a brand that mixes two of my passions: sewing and digital through sewing workshops in Paris and sewing patterns on my e-shop.

Cécile DIY is also a community that started on YouTube. I send once a month (or less) the “Gazette des Cousettes”, which means a monthly Newsletter 100% sewing lovers, 0% spam. In this Newsletter, you find articles that I write about sewing news, tutorials with the newest patterns that I post and also personal development articles related to sewing (better ways to consume, the mental benefits of sewing, etc.)

If you want to follow my sewing lover daily journey, follow me on Instagram @cecilediy and Facebook @cecileoff.

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