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Free sewing pattern – make a Boxer for men

Hello the cousettes (and the cousets):)

Here's my boss to make a man's boss in size M!

Following my call for help on Facebook to find out which elastic would work best with my Jersey, certain. e. s of you were interested by the boss of the Boxer for men. I will complete this blog post later with photos to illustrate my comments.

Adjust your boss

I created it in size M, it is easy to adjust it by adding more or less length on the lines at the waist or bottom of the boss. The height remains pretty much the same. For large sizes or gentlemen with large buttocks, it may be necessary to add a few centimeters of height.


At the level of the realization, I invite you to watch my video that I have a moment ago on YouTube. The various steps are described:

  1. Cut the pieces without forgetting the sewing margins
  2. Assemble the four-piece hull
  3. Assemble the workpiece against the place of the main part
  4. Stitch the left and right parts of the hull
  5. Hem down
  6. Add a men's lingerie elastic 3.5 cm x 68 cm

The finishes

We all know that these are the finishes that make the difference so here are my little secrets to get beautiful finishes;)


To the overlock (my preferred option), to the overlocking point or to the triple point elastic

Hem and stitching

Straight stitch with a double needle (my favorite option), or triple zigzag stitch

Other tips
  • For the elastic installation, I built a 5mm hem on the boxer's spot at the belt part. The hem is then hidden by the elastic and it's all clean!
  • Other advice for the laying of the elastic, to join the two ends, I put them butt horizontally, I pass them three times to the machine in zigzag stitch with my double needle, very slowly which creates a flat seam very clean.
  • Finally, again in the elastic category, to evenly distribute it on my Boxer, I pique four flat pins on the elastic, four on the Boxer, which created me markers.
  • To finish the straight seams with double needle, I do not use the back stitch, I take a needle, I pass the wires on the wrong side and I tie them together to finish the seam without this is seen. It takes a little time but the result is worth it.
  • To accompany my sewing machine seams, I always start slowly pulling the wires to slide my fabric under the presser foot of the machine.

Here, I think I shared all my advice to make a beautiful Boxer! I'm thinking of making a digital PDF version paying with all sizes in a few months:) but no worry, there will always be free versions of my bosses.

Do you start and do not understand all the jargon that I used?

If you are starting out and are not comfortable with the Jersey, I invite you to see my video "how to sew the Jersey".

If you don't know what a overlock is and what differentiates it from a sewing machine, I invite you to look at my "how to choose your overlock?"

Normally, with all these basics, everything will look clear to you like rock water:)

See you soon


PS: you do not want to miss the release of the next bosses? It's happening below:)

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